Company Press Release:

Hughes Systique - Women Security App revamped- "Go Suraksheit"

22 August, 2013: The newly-launched application GoSuraksheit was among the top ten mobile app winners at the recent Appfame Contest 2013, organized by the NASSCOM. The theme for this year was “Collaborating forces for women safety”. NASSCOM invited students, developers and corporates to come up with apps that could help women in situations of distress. A phone app designed by a team of women comes up with innovative ways to provide safety for office-goers who work long hours. Go Suraksheit, developed by an all-women’s team in Delhi at Hughes Systique Corporation, enables users to draw attention and seek help from their phone contact list instantly.

"Go Suraksheit" is a safety application developed by an all women team at Hughes Systique ( HSC). "Go Suraksheit" is an Android Terminal Application which will enable higher level of security for you when you are in a difficult situation anywhere anytime. It provides you four special e-weapons to ensure you get help when you use this Application either just by a click of button or a tap on your phone. When you Tap on your phone or click a predefined sequence on your cell phone power button the following 4 e-weapons will be shot at. An update will go on Facebook indicating your current location .

An SMS will be sent to the pre-provisioned contacts indicating your current location and the message of your own choice, A call shall be placed on a pre-provisioned emergency contact number and last but not the least a loud alarm shall start playing which can be closed only when you disable or removed the phone battery. This will ensure that the help reaches you on simple click of a button The differentiating part of this application is that it also provides an easy to use power button sequence when you are in trouble and also gives you option of switching on/off the features based on your choice. In the next quarter, upgraded application will have the video recording feature wherein a video of the location will also be recorded. The variants of "Go Suraksheit " compatible with Windows 8 & IOS will also be available by then. How is it different from other apps? There are two things that set this app apart – it has a panic alarm and the way in which the power button comes into operation. When a person is in a spot, he or she may not be able to open the app and use it. Then the person can press the power button and everything can be set automatically. We have also ensured that the features can be switched on and off, in case a person is just fiddling with the phone, and accidentally sends out a false alarm.