Airtime Tariff

  Choosing a Tariff Plan !!
In India 4-7 Companies provide Mobile Phone Services in your area and each Company offers a dozen Tariff Plans. It seems a nightmare to choose the right plan, isn't it ? Come lets solve your problem step-by-step.

Step 1. What to choose GSM or CDMA ?

GSM and CDMA are the two kinds of mobile phone services availabe in India. In fact these are the two main competing network technologies deployed by cellular service providers world over. Understanding the pros and cons of both the technologies will help you make right decision according to your requirement. For details Click here...

Step 2. How to choose a Service provider ?

Consider the following while selecting a Service Provider:

1. First of all you must check which Service Providers (Companies like AIRTEL, VODAFONE, IDEA, BSNL, MTNL, TATA, RELIANCE, AIRCEL, SPICE etc.) are providing services in the areas where you will be using your phone.
2. If you want National or International Roaming then also check whether the Service Provider you have chosen facilitates roaming in the regions or countries where you visit frequently.
3. Cost of owning a handset
4. Cost of having a connection
5. Fixed monthly expenses
6. Usage charges.
7. Also it is helpful to check with the people using mobile in your area for the quality of service.

Step 3. Should you choose Post-Paid or Pre-Paid Sim Card ?

In case of Post-Paid Sim Card you get monthly bill according to your usage while in case of Pre-Paid you use a fixed amount which is included in the cost initially. Pre-Paid cards can be recharged using recharge coupons available in different denominations. To keep the cost in control buy a Pre-Paid Card. You get STD & ISD also without any security deposit. Post Paid card offer various price plans and is better option if the usage is high.

Step 4. How to Choose an Airtime Price Plan ?

Once you have decided upon the Company and the type of SIM (Post-Paid or Pre-Paid), you choose the most suitable Price Plan.

If you are purchasing a Post-Paid connection for the first time, it is better to take the cheapest one with the minimum monthly rental so that you could know Your usage pattern. Using a connection for 2-3 months, you would come to know how many minutes you use in a month. Whether your usage is more locally, or on STD or ISD etc. This will help you to choose the most suitable Tariff Plan according to your usage pattern.

Cost of a Post-Paid Connection may have following components:

1. Entry level cost (One time) - Activation Cost + Refundable Deposit
2. Monthly Rental 
3. Optional services at some monthly fee
4. Call charges - Local(to same network, to other mobile, to landline), STD(to Mobile, to Landline), ISD and SMS(National, Internaional)
5. Roaming charges 
6. Service Tax
7. Offers: Companies may have Plan specific Offers like discounts on call rates or SMS or various data and other services.

Cost of a Pre-Paid Connection has following components:

1. Validity : It may vary from few Days to Month/s to Lifetime. Lifetime Validity is applicable as per license period of the Company and is subject to change in case any regulatory and licensing condition changes in the future by Government of India. You can choose according to your probable stay at that place and cost.
2. Talk Value : Initial talk value on the card may vary from nil to few hundred Rs. according to the cost. It can be added through Rechage Coupons.
3. Airtime Tariff : Your Talk Value is consumed according to the Tariff Plan. Each Tariff Plan has different Call charges for Local(to same network, to other mobile, to landline), STD(to Mobile, to Landline), ISD and SMS(National, Internaional). These are targeted towards various user groups like women, teenagers, tourists, night plan etc. Choose the one that suits you the best. For example Night plan has very low rates if you talk more at night, a Women oriented plan may have low rates between 11am to 1pm etc.
4. Recharging : Recharge coupons of varying Validity, Value and Special offers are easily available off the shelf in all the markets. Costing from Rs.10 to may be Rs.3,500. The Talkvalue = MRP - (Processing fee + Service Tax).

You should consult the respective company's customer care or retail outlet for latest price plans and offerings.